2018 One-Act Play Festival

February 14, 2018 10:48 am

One-Act Play Festival 2018

The Pumphouse Theatre has presented the Calgary Region One-Act Play Festival with the Alberta Drama Festival Association for over 30 years and we are excited to do so again! The Festival will be held March 22nd – 24th, 2018 in the Victor Mitchell Theatre. Each night will be a collection of 2-3 one-act plays, varying in genre and style.

One play will be chosen by a professional adjudicator to represent Calgary at the Provincial One-Act Festival, which this year will be held in Fort McMurray. Each of those chosen plays receives travelling expenses or a grant to assist in funding their participation in the Provincial Festival by the Alberta Drama Festival Association. This year our adjudicator is Shari Wattling!

$12 Senior / Students
$15 Adults
Festival Passes $35

For more information:

visit www.pumphousetheatre.ca
call 403.263.0079 ext 100
email kelly@pumphousetheatre.ca



by Sienna Holden
presented by Theatre SHHH!
“Does one moment determine the course of a life?”

GROUP BIO:Theatre SHHH! was created to produce Sienna Holdens final project, “Songs for a New World” during her final year of acting school at Rosebud School of the Arts.


Caitlyn O’Connor Molly
Bill Daugherty Sean
Sienna Holden Sarah / Playwright
Conrad Belau Director / Set Designer
Naomi Esau Stage Manager
Bradley Graham Technician
Tyler Peacock Accompanist

ADVISORY: Strong Language


Room Eight Zero Seven*

by Geoff Bamber
presented by A.W.A Productions
“When Joanna checks into a hotel after an awful day traveling, she just wants to rest, so she is not at all pleased when Lennox walks in. However, that is nothing to her reaction at the appearance of his guest…”

A.W.A Productions have come together to perform for this festival. Featuring the acting talents of Lisette Allan and Kurt Archer, directed by Randolph West, and lit by Trevor Somers. All participants have been involved with the Calgary theatre community for several years.


Lisette Allan Joanna
Kurt Archer Lennox
Randolph West Director
Trevor Somers Light and Sound Board Operator

ADVISORY: Mild Language and Sexuality

*Room Eight Zero Seven is presented by special arrangement by Lazy Bee Scripts



by The Reckless Daughter Creative Collective
presented by Reckless Daughter Creative

“Yugen (Japanese) — An awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and powerful for words.”

Reckless Daughter Creative is a Calgary based collaborative group, originally created by Madeleine Taylor-Gregg and Ashley Humphries, to represent the emerging female artists and their stories.


Ashley Humphries Actor
Cassandra Watson Actor
Danielle Martens Actor
Madeleine Taylor-Gregg Director
Kate Pallesen Sound Designer
Tristan Levacque Lighter Designer

ADVISORY: Strong Language and Nudity


Night Call*

by Archie Wilson
presented by Gang of Three
“A menacing Russian-led invasion into the home of a mild-mannered man with a taste for single malt whiskey.”

The Gang of Three is an ad hoc performance troupe based in Calgary. Two of the actors are teachers, the third actor is from Belarus, and the director is insane.


Jon Martin Matthew
Jury Rodionov Sokolov
Charlotte Nixon Lisa
Randolph West Director
Trevor Somers Light and Sound Board Operator

ADVISORY: Mild Language and Sexuality

*Night Call is presented by special arrangement by Lazy Bee Scripts



Transformance: A Transgender Love Story with Songs

by T J Jablonski
presented by play between your thighs Productions
“Like gender, love is not always what it seems; a story of transformation.”
An adventurous coupling of bold new LGBTQ+ groups and the newest theatrical production company


Matthew Oliver van Diepen Mack
Ryan Dickinson Angelica
Amelia Newbert Director
TJ Jablonski Playwright / Musician
James Demers Producer
Jason Kowalchuk Costume / Sound / Light / Stage Manager

ADVISORY: Strong Language



by Michael Dean Dargie and Jennifer Maclean
presented by Dropbear & Panda
“How do you connect with someone you’re meant to be with if you are destined to never be together?”

Dropbear (Michael) & Panda (Jennifer) tend to “do what they want” because they believe life should be full of art and adventure. Over the past two years, Dropbear & Panda have been producing and creating short films, music videos, corporate videos and CDs. Buoyed by occasionally misplaced confidence and an insatiable urge to create, they thought, “how hard could writing, directing, and performing our own original play be?” Jennifer is a serious actor in community theatre around Calgary and Michael is a regular on stage at Loose Moose Theatre doing decidedly un-serious improv. Together they form Dropbear & Panda.


Jennifer Maclean Laura / Playwright / Director
Michael Dean Dargie Greg / Playwright / Director
Chad Blain Sound / Light / Stage Manager

ADVISORY: Strong Language

Awards Ceremony

Saturday, March 24
in the Victor Mitchell Theatre following the final


Outstanding Performance, Male Actor

Sponsored by Alberta Theatre Projects, Lunchbox Theatre and University of Calgary School of Creative and Performing Arts

Outstanding Performance, Female Actor

Sponsored by Alberta Theatre Projects, Lunchbox Theatre and University of Calgary School of Creative and Performing Arts

Outstanding Technical Merit

Sponsored by Arch Technical Inc.

Outstanding Director

Sponsored by Lunchbox Theatre and Theatre Calgary

Outstanding Original Script

Sponsored by Alberta Playwrights’ Network

Outstanding Production

Sponsored by The Pumphouse Theatre

A huge thanks to our Sponsors!