Breana Menzel

As an artist, I’m most interested in exploring impermanence through drawings. I often draw figures sourced from fashion magazines or advertisements in detail but leave parts underdeveloped to explore the elusiveness of ideals. I put a lot of detail into the figure’s clothes, contrasted with blank or emotional expressions and an empty pictorial space. I hope this produces a transient, ephemeral effect in my work. I also draw inspiration from traditional tattoo visuals and renaissance imagery. I’m early in my artistic practice, but am interested in further developing ideas of impermanence and dissatisfaction in modern western society.

Website: | Instagram: @bee.menzel


9” x 10”
Graphite and Gold Paint
Description: Soft, Ephemeral, “unfinished” figure against gold


20” x 26”
Description: Figure concealed by clouds


Cupid’s Curse
8” x 10”
Digital and Ink Print
Description: lesbian, tattoo-inspired cupid