Elvira Salimgareeva

I was born in Moscow in Russia in 1999. At the age of thirteen, I moved to Canada where I finished high school and was accepted to Alberta University of the Arts. Since then I live and work in Calgary.

Throughout my life, I have tried various art practices such as design, painting, ceramics, animation, drawing, sculpture and glass. However, my main focus in art is jewellery. My background is a result of my love and appreciation for any kind of art. I am a jewellery artist who works primarily with metals but I incorporate all skills I have learned through my experience with various media. 

I’ve started my art practice as an illustrator and despite trading paper and pencil for a torch and saw blades I’m still passionate about telling stories.

Colour and shape, characters and stories, various media and various techniques of execution. I sculpt wax and paint with fire, I design shapes and tell stories through the characters and scenes my jewellery depicts.

Each of my pieces is a story. It can be as simple as a presentation of a character or a scene. Sometimes a story is hidden in the process of its creation or is born from a gem set in the piece. The intent of my work is to create wearable, lasting illustrations. Illustrations on paper tell a story but they are ephemeral, they live in the media world which cannot be touched. When paper tears and crumbles the metal is durable.

Instagram: @fox_conspiracy 


Know Your Roots
20” x 25”
Description: Black and White portrait with a tree