Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Jaesung Lee is a first-generation Korean-Canadian emerging artist situated in Mokhinstsis, Treaty 7 territory. She is currently enrolled in the visual studies program at the University of Calgary. Since her early years, Lee has cultivated a strong eye for observing relations between land, the body, and culture. With mediums such as photography, textiles, and installations, she aims to capture and express the histories of the women and queer Korean diaspora. 

Using a semi-autobiographical approach, Lee takes on the role of a “storyteller” archetype. Her work imbues native Korean spirituality, folklore, and crafts to share with the viewer an often forgotten, and erased side of the Korean community abroad. Within Korea and broader East Asia, art is married to spiritual practices. Art-making is tied to community-making and prayer. Through subverting cultural and spiritual tradition(s), Lee unravels the root issues of prejudice and bigotry aimed at marginalized Korean peoples. Her hope for her creative practice is that it may aid current and future generations of diasporic Koreans in self-representation and empowerment.

Instagram: @jae.leearts


Silence in the Snow
8” x 14”
Description: Emotive photography, typtych