Stephan Heimlich-Martin

Stephan Heimlich-Martin is an oil painter based in Calgary, who mainly follows the practices laid down by the impressionist-realism movement of the 19th century. His preferred medium is oil paint, due to its smooth texture and richness of tone which lends itself to Heimlich-Martin’s portrayal of still lifes and landscapes. Heimlich-Martin uses a limited palette of five colours for most of his paintings and gravitates toward neutral tones, subtle highlights, and deep shadows. Two of his greatest inspirations are John Singer Sargent and Ivan Shishkin, whose style and technique he hopes to parallel in the future.

Heimlich-Martin started his professional pursuit of painting in 2015 when he held his first solo show at the Rumble House gallery. He also attended OCAD-U and has continued to study the arts independently from academia since.

Instagram: @heimlichmartin


Rocks at Minnewanka Lake

(Art Piece is Framed)

39” x 27”
Oil on Canvas
Description: A rocky outcrop with moss in a pine forest 



(Art Piece is Framed)

43” x 18”
Oil on Canvas
Description: Twenty-six onions of different varieties on a table



(Art Piece is Framed)

24” x 14”
Oil on Canvas
Description: A snowy path with poplar trees