Tarannum Rahnuma

Tarannum Rahnuma is a student artist based in Calgary, Alberta. She primarily specializes in coloured pencils, pastels, and painting, but enjoys experimenting with a wide variety of 2D mediums. Since she was young, she has been keenly interested in how nature can be used to represent abstract emotions and the mind. As an aspiring artist, she enjoys incorporating aspects of human anatomy and surrealism in her works. Her art reflects her life-long infatuation with the beauty of the natural world, people, and dreams. Inspired by the life and works of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Tarannum decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience at the University of Calgary, with the aim of someday understanding the brain both from an artistic and a scientific perspective. She believes that creativity and vision transcend discipline, and advocates for interdisciplinary education as a way of fostering an appreciation for sciences and arts.

Tarannum also enjoys promoting social justice causes with her art—she was one-half of the artist team behind the Faces of Our Frontline: Celebrating Canadian Black Frontline Workers project, which raised money for the Black Health Alliance through an exhibition of portraits of Black healthcare workers from across Canada, which was displayed at cSPACE King Edward.

Instagram: @pain_in_paint


25” x 19”
Coloured Pencils on Paper
Description: This work explores the various emotions involved when severing a deep connection between two people – the sadness, pain, hesitation, and the opportunity for growth