I am a twenty-five year old artist, specializing in the creation of realistic portraits through a pointillistic style. I primarily utilize black ink, watercolour, nail polish and charcoal to create my pieces, and layer dots and words to create larger images. The main focus of my work is to use small, precise details to create larger, meaningful wholes. I have been working at painting and drawing as a side hobby for over ten years, but have only been showing my work on a professional scale for a few years. Recently, my “Purple” piece was on display in the Art Gallery of Alberta. I am also currently a part of CONNECTIONS, a collection curated by the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute of Alberta, aimed at raising awareness and funds for mental health research.

Two Ladies
Black Ink and Charcoal
8” x 15”

Black Ink and Charcoal
10” x 15”

Black Ink / Nail Polish / Watercolour
8.5” x 11”