Alex Mai

The basis of my work and practices focuses on creating art narratives surrounding issues around mental health or cognitive processes. My preferred choice in medium is ink, but I am open to using any materials necessary that will help improve the conceptualization of the narrative. My experience in art-making ranges from abstract art, printmaking, digital art, sculpture, and installation art. I consider myself a Canadian contemporary artist as I investigate recent problems and events that affect western society. My projects are usually research-based where I attempt to use various information from scholarly sources to broaden my knowledge in a concept that I am exploring.

When I approach a new project, I focus more on the process of art-making rather than the end result. The learning process of researching cognitive and emotional problems gives me insight into how people deal with traumas and mental disabilities. In turn, I learn more about my own past traumas and how to heal from them while I am in the process of conceptualizing a new artwork. My belief in art-making is that the success of an artwork is gauged by the emotional response to the audience. The artwork is successful to me if the audience can emotionally connect to the narrative.

Instagram: @alexmai_art


11 7/8” x 14 7/8”
Ink on Rice Paper
Description: Dance as an emotional duet


                                                                                           [2 x (25″ x 54″ x 2″)]                                                                                                                           MDF, Mirror, Acrylic                             
Description: Selfie culture vs. body image