Anna Tran

Anna recently completed her undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the University of Calgary, majoring in Visual Studies and minor in Architectural Studies in Spring 2020. To further expand on her knowledge in design and the impact it has on human comfort, emotions, and ambience within a built environment, she is currently completing her Masters in Architecture at the University of Calgary and is anticipated to graduate in 2022. As an emerging artist and aspiring architect, Anna bridges these two professions through the representation of the theory of design and the impact it may have on society through her abstract paintings.

As society continues to evolve with each passing decade, the significance in society becoming more inclusive in gender equity has grown, resulting in the progression in the normalization of the idea of feminism. Although this may be a large development in society, inquiries on whether architecture and the way that architects design have changed to adapt to this evolution are made and therefore questioned. Among the careful considerations of the breakdown on the effects and barriers of architecture within gender equality inclusiveness, the question of whether architecture and the way that architects design have changed to adapt to the evolution of a more gender-equality-based society remains.

Instagram: @aantra.designs

An Exchange
31 3/4” x 24”
Description: An exchange between contrasting geometry and colours to create an exchange of balance


Starry Eyed
30” x 22”
Description: Abstraction of geometrical forms to embody a starry and dreamy visionary 


31 3/4” x 48”
Description: a starry and dreamy visionary with abstract silhouettes hiking a journey of ups and downs, a journey that seems never-ending


31 3/4” x 24”
Description: Patterns harmonizing through abstract tessellation