Dorothy Wong

I like to use art as a way of expelling emotions that I don’t want to feel anymore. I can paint it out, forget about it, and then if I’m feeling nostalgic, I can look back on it later. The feelings trapped in my art are like my own little secret. I’ve always loved drawing and was able to Minor in Visual Art and Art History when I went to university, where I started to explore different mediums and techniques, something I have continued even after graduation. Most of my artwork consists of paintings or pen sketches, but one thing I always find myself drawn back to is lineart. I love drawing faces or flowers, capturing the pretty things I come across. Lately, I’ve also been inspired by art styles that take different elements like colour, figures, and text, and bring them all together in a cohesive piece of artwork. This is something that I have applied to my own work as well and hope to improve on. 

Instagram: @dorothy.art_

12” x 16”