Art has always been my chosen form of communication, and painting is by far my favourite dialect. I am a student at the University of Calgary working towards my degree in Visual Arts and Education, and I have been an artist my whole life. As a second-generation immigrant, my work highlights the experiences of the cultures in-between the East and the West, not quite one or the other. These paintings are a testament to those who have fallen through the cracks as cultures are crushed together, and to the kids who grew up knowing they do not belong anywhere. My art is an extension of my sad little brain, and I hope to share it with others.

Through my unwavering dedication to phthalocyanine blue, I document my memories on canvas while also bringing awareness to mental health issues and to my own mixed culture as a Chinese-Canadian. When I’m not painting, I sell handmade stickers on Etsy, play a copious amount of video games and contemplate existence on the side.

Website: | Instagram: _est_

My Children Will Speak Fluent English
Oil on Canvas
24” x 36”

My Sister’s Keeper
Acrylic on Canvas
16” x 20”