The world is full of mystery, beauty and wonder. We naturally see some of the glory surrounding us, but I hope that my work will bring a sharper focus to all that moves the human soul. As a self-trained artist, I have long been intrigued by the power of photography to “freeze” a moment and make us take a second, hopefully longer and deeper, look into what is all around us. For many years I have created images strictly for my own fulfillment, but it is only in the past few months that I have chosen to make a determined effort to share the wonders I see with others. 

I make my art through the power of photoshop, altering and compositing images so that they will hopefully speak more clearly about the wonder and mystery I saw in the image before I started. There is no end to the beauty around us, and so no end to what an artist can say, but I do hope that my work will say to anyone who views it…” this is a marvelous world!”

Instagram: @think_imagery

That Stare
Digital on Canvas
24” x 20”

Deep Thoughts
Digital on Canvas
24” x 24”