Hayley Feigs is a multidisciplinary artist based in Calgary Alberta. When she is not painting she can be found acting, singing, dancing, on her yoga mat. Her work centers around feelings of freedom and love. Hayley believes that art is vital to a community’s growth and wellbeing. Throughout history it is through art and literature the truths of people’s lives are unveiled and explored. This is what fuels her as an artist and drives her to never give up.  This is why her work is always pulled from emotion, a desire, or need. Whether she is approaching a character on the stage, a person she will write into a script, a collaborated story, or an image she will paint on a canvas. Art can transcend the viewer and the maker. Hayley is particularly inspired by bold and bright colors.  Those close to her know that she has a very emotional relationship with colors and is always happiest when surrounded by lots of it. She loves exploring animal life, fantasy, and expression of humanity in whatever method the brush leads her in. It is her desire to convey this through the use of beautiful imagery. Hayley believes that all art created should be created with love, and received with openness.

Instagram: @hayleyfeigsart

A Wisp in Mushroomland
11” x 12”

Dragonfly Glitters
Watercolour / Pen / Glitter Spray
12” x 9”

Deep Sea Mermaid
15” x 10”