Herself is a self-taught emerging young artist, creating primarily oil paintings and collages. She weaves together themes of surreality and nature. Her present topics include delicate nature and the transcendent self/order, and mindspace the chaotic. Artworks by Herself indulge an untameable wildness. In her pieces she challenges a consistent reality. Embracing instead a dreamy fluidity, she catches the eye and pulls it in- only to turn it around and reflect her viewer’s mind. She emits a supernatural glow of mystery, leaving ponderers to turn over little hidden details, to look and look again. Her intention lies in creating beautiful aesthetic works which hold the gaze and allow, even if momentarily, a sense of awe as her viewer remembers the vast ineffable world, all-too-forgotten in ordinary drudgery. She aspires to create transformative visual works, which pull at the seems of perception. You are invited to fall back in, to a calm open space, and feel the relentless beauty and melancholy of our subliminal world.

Instagram: @herself_art | www.patreon.com/herself_art

23” x 32”