Ishnoor Dhillon

Ishnoor Dhillon is a fine arts student at the University of Calgary, approaching the completion of her degree with a philosophy minor. Engrossed in the art and philosophy theories, the inspiration for her conceptual work is often an exploration of the human condition and its’ practical applications. For example, she has studied gender dynamics by placing them in the context of Plato’s theories regarding the subject. In her formal education, she has explored a variety of artistic processes such as digital media, installation, serigraphy, and sculpture. 

Ishnoor was born in Punjab, India and immigrated to Canada at the young age of nine. Conceptually, this dichotomy and tension between her cultural identities defines her practice. As a consequence of observing the racial injustice prevalent in society today, themes of decolonization and cultural identity are emerging in her work. She approaches her art with the purpose of continuing the exploration of her responsibilities towards her gender, racial and queer communities. Therefore, socio-political themes have become a recurring theme within her work. Though her practice begins with an exploration of herself, she creates her work with representation and social relationships in mind.

Website: | Instagram: @ish.sunflower


The Mystic Moonlight
20” x 16”
Description: 1 of 3 editions of this print