Liane Isckewski

My name is Liane Ischewski. I am a practicing female immigrant artist currently residing in Alberta. I was born in Germany and spent a portion of my life growing up in Bielefeld before moving to Canada with my family. As an artist, this has inspired me to consider how much of our identity is connected to our own perceptions of nationality. While I consider myself German, I also consider myself to be a proud Canadian. I have fallen deeply in love with our Canadian landscapes. Visuals of Canadian landscapes and animals are often present in my work. Nature and the environment have become an important tool for myself to explore notions of personal introspection. I received formal artistic training from several Alberta universities such as AUAD, MacEwan University, and the University of Alberta.

Instagram: @chewski_art

Day Dreaming
36” x 24”
Ballpoint Pen and Watercolour
Description: Day Dreaming is a drawing for the people who find themselves getting lost in nature; drawn for the curious minds, the notebook scribblers, the cloud watchers, and nearly anyone who is awe-struck by how unique our world is. I look at the abundance of beautiful diversity present in our environment and hope that we can see ourselves in the same light. Perhaps it is a phenomenon, that the more lost we become in our environment, the more we will discover about ourselves.


Halo Effect
24” x 30”
Ballpoint Pen, Watercolour, and Paper Cuts
Description: There are moments where you will face adversity head-on. It is inevitable, but your inner strength is unshakable. Never forget the power of your wings even in the presence of the worst storms.


Rising Strength
18” x 24”
Ballpoint Pen and Ink Marker
Description: We break glass ceilings. We approach the world with a level of delicate softness but find solutions to problems with a diamond-like strength. We are the daughters, the mothers, the grandmothers of powerful women. We are the powerful women. We are not afraid of challenges in front of us, and we are so love and appreciative for all the fearless examples of women before us.