I am a self-studied artist with a focus on traditional visual media formats, digital media,  and abstract/traditional soapstone carving.  I have been heavily in pursuit of these crafts for the last 3 years upon a personal and necessary transition from an engineering career in the corporate Oil and Gas sector.   As an artist now with a cognitive disability that impacts memory, attention and focus, I am drawn to urban sketching and plein air techniques to capture moments in their simplicity since many fade away far too rapidly for me.  As a proud resident Calgarian for the last 35 years, I am finally having good fun studying in local figure or watercolor technique classes and you may see me peculiarly sitting and observing in downtown Calgary until I find the right moment to capture. I am fully exploring Calgary’s dynamic nature from an observer’s perspective rather than a participator.  My focus is to capture moments illustratively to afford one to stop and personally reflect and fill in the story behind the image.  My style has been described as “playfully detailed” and I tend to agree.  Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and most importantly, well wishes to you! 

Instagram: @the40yearoldpainter

Ink & Watercolour
8.75” x 11”

Stand Out
Ink & Watercolour
14” x 17”