Paulyne Manzon

Paulyne Manzon was born in Manila, Philippines and currently resides in Calgary, Canada. She is a fifth-year undergrad student taking the Fine Arts, Visual Studies degree at the University of Calgary (UofC). During her time at UofC, she joined different art exhibits such as Art and Martini and Push. In addition, she is also a graphic designer and photographer at Globefish Kensington restaurant. Her knowledge and experience in using different media allowed her works to be mostly abstract or experimental. She likes to make a composition out of photos, drawing and other media, combining them in one painting. But all in all, the main focus of her works is in graphic design, photography and painting. Moreover, her familiarity in living with two countries paved the way for her to include diversity, socio-economic and politics in her artworks.


Trapped in Conformity
48” x 36”
Acrylic and Oil Paint
Description: The struggle of conforming to the societal norms


Material World
27” x 14.5”
Coloured Pencil
Description: Obsession to material things and societal trends