As an artist I am interested in the effect of the passage of time on memory and the representation of landscapes using a variety of media. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Studies (with Distinction, 2019) from the University of Calgary, which I obtained as a mature student. Prior to this, I used Chinese ink and watercolour to study landscape elements from both the mountains of Alberta and the forests of my childhood in England. Since graduation, I have expanded my practice to include the mediums of drawing, painting, beading, applique, and embroidery, often in combination. My recent work uses various textile techniques to develop a personal narrative of my grandparents.

The submitted work starts from the only photograph that I own of my late grandmother, extracting essential elements to create a story. The first piece consists of repeated simple representations using applique. The process of taking a simple representative shape and repeatedly adding to it mirrors the process of repetition as a memory aid and allows disparate memories to come together. The second piece continues this process using free motion embroidery to create images that increase in depth by adding tonal qualities and details to each of a series of three images. The final study in the project is a detailed textile portrait of my grandmother. In this study, adding layers of stitches creates both depth and personality and provides a way for me to develop a relationship with someone I only knew as a child.

Instagram: @sandrasharkeyart

Coming into Focus
Series of Five 8” x 10” pieces
Textile (Applique)

Shades of a Memory
Series of Three 7” x 5” pieces
Textile (Free Motion Stitching)

Finding the Thread
7.5” x 10”
Textile (Layer Work & Embroidery)