Stan Phelps

When the Pumphouse was saved from demolition, through the efforts of the “Pumphouse Society,” championed by Joyce and Quenten Doolittle, I was asked by David Thane, who was a Society member, to act as custodian of the building, and it became my first painting studio, 1974.

I replaced windows and attempted to prepare the building for winter use. The roof leaked and the interior of the building, over a cold winter, essentially became a skating rink. I had to work on one of the raised platforms in the middle of the building, which allowed me to stay off the ice. I have a fond recollection of walking the tree-lined entrance into the building and feeling as though I was in the countryside.

At that time, I was working abstractly. In recent decades I have been recording the character and energy of the urban setting, with figurative pieces, depicting significant Calgary locales and cultural events.

Since 1978 I have been working as a painter, muralist, printmaker and co-proprietor of the Heart Studio in Calgary. Well-known for my murals, most notably they can be viewed at the Calgary Stampede, Calgary City Hall, and the Calgary International Airport.

My work is represented in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally, including the Canada Council Art Bank and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

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