“If a painting hangs in the forest and no one is there to see it, is it art?”

Art for me doesn’t need to be representational, or fit into any specific genre for that matter, but it is essential it be relational. I want the internal response between the creation, the creator, and the observer to be primary. I take inspiration from any where it appears, the masters, the modern, the brutish, crudish, or the sublime; a jolt or a gentle nudge to propel me into the adventure of each piece. As I work, I experiment and explore the relationship between the materials and the inspiration, engaging with how I respond during the creative process and impatiently await the result. I want to share my response, but most importantly I want to give every observer their own unique response to the piece and engage with it in their own way. I use texture, shapes, colour, dimensionality, found objects, hardware, mixed media, different surfaces; all with the purpose of creating that response. Art can heal, it can challenge, it can inspire, it can revulse, it can make you laugh and cry; confuse you, bemuse you, hurt you, transport you, ground you, or just make you feel better when you look at it. Art is a friend and should be part of everyone’s life. It makes me feel whole and helps to keep everyone connected in a disconnected world. I have been making art for 4 years, have taken several courses and workshops, have connected with a mentor, but for now, am primarily self taught.

Pearl Girl
Mixed Media and Assemblage

53” x 23”