My name is Victoria Maria Zaba, and I am a young artist pursuing my dream of becoming a professional fine artist. I am a Polish Canadian first year university student who has a deep fascination with realism and classical art and architecture. I have been making art for as long as I can remember but when it comes to formal education, I have completed the art elective in my high school up to the 30 level and am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary. I designed the 2021 yearbook cover for my high school and a new rugby jersey for our team, am currently working as a part time assistant for a local artist who also taught at my high school and had a sculpture of mine displayed at the AUArts 2021 ShowOff exhibition. As of late last year, I began sharing my artwork on social media under an alias; Zajk. My passion for art was heavily influenced by my mother, who painted with oils herself and brought me to many museums regularly, both in Canada and Poland as a child. The overwhelming mix of emotions I feel when studying a master’s piece is what keeps bringing me back to those museums, and just the thought of having someone experience those same emotions from my own work is what pushes me to constantly test my skills, embracing the chance of mistakes rather than fearing them.

Instagram: @z4jk.k

Failures of Fashion
25” x 37”

Your Friend Huggy
20” x 28”
*Warning – this piece contains imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers

Material Girl
Oil on Canvas
9” x 11”