Just as many known artists possess their artistic style and method of showcasing specific topics in several different visual languages, I also wanted to search and develop my pure artist technique. After being accepted into the visual studies degree program at the University of Calgary, I began searching for my talents and style by stimulating several creative works like correlating more than one style or concept of art on a blank canvas. For example, all my works explore mixed media of still life and abstract paints by correlating the realistic sense to the subject and adding an abstracted background to surround the main element. It was challenging to balance two solid styles of art in one piece. Still, it was a beautiful opportunity for me to view my imaginations in detail and be able to transfer my thoughts and languages without any limitations. However, many professional artists have already accomplished this level of art and formed their way of speaking words to the world. Thus, throughout my art career, I wanted to search and emphasize my color choice, design, and compositions without following the typical art style for my further art practice. It would be impossible to predict that I will become a professional artist and have gained my work style. However, I strongly believe that eventually, I will achieve my dream in the future. 

Facebook: @ChoDeis | Instagram: @wonpaint_

Beauty of Us
Pencil and Acrylic on Canvas
16” x 20”