Common Clown Festival March 11 7:30pm

Join us as we mash-up two of our festivals in a one-time pandemic catch-up event! 

After cancellations paused our Calgary Clown Festival and Common Ground Festival Festival for Emerging Artists we are very excited to final present these artists!

Tickets are $20 general admission click here to buy

Crude Days by Jenna Paquette (30min)

It is a ordinary day at the oil and gas plant. They have a new hire, Jamie who’s first day without a supervisor. Lex who is happy to be back at work after a long medical leave. Daniel who is a little too focused on work. And Mark who is less focused on work and more focused on having a good time with his pals. As the day goes along the plant is being troubled by an uncertain incident in the past. How will the characters deal with the conflicts, feelings and blame that has started to come up? “Crude Days” is a dark comedy about peoples’ inability and unwillingness to handle grief.

Content Warning: Strong Language | Recommended for Audiences Aged 16+

Inga and the Date by Kiana Woo (40min)

Feeling fresh and looking for love, Inga finds herself on a date. She’s prepped and preened and ready to fall head over heels, but dates never really go the way you expect them to. And this date might just turn out to be the most peculiar one of all.

Content Warning: Alludes to Sexual Activity | Recommended for Audiences Aged 18+