My pieces are of mythical creatures popular back home in the Philippines. Now the sarimanok is our version of the Phoenix, a creature who rises from the ashes. 15 years here felt like I did make my home here and have adapted very well, I rose from my ashes and I can fly freely, I can do whatever I need to without fear of losing my status, to get deported when my work permit expires. I feel a whole new world again having the Canadian passport, i can now fly anywhere without the need to get a visa because I am now a Citizen. My style here is Fantasy art, semi abstract/impressionism. I wired my pieces with the specified requirement, varnished, labeled, and ready to hang. I live in the Whitehorn community Northeast of Calgary.

Website: | Instagram: @daypajarillo | Facebook: daypajarillo

Acrylic on Canvas
12” x 36”