Gillian Coulton’s work is an ever-evolving conversation with the rural landscape and contemporary painting. Coulton is an MFA student originally from rural Alberta. Coulton received her Visual Studies certificate from Red Deer College, her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary and was awarded the Faculty of Arts Gold Medal. Her work is informed by her open experience growing up in a rural area, and grappling with the connections between how we understand the landscape, memory, and relationships between people. In Coulton’s work, vignettes and material remnants of rural spaces are stylized to reflect an impression of memory and experience. These aesthetic choices reflect the necessary material efficiency of rural spaces, and the artist’s personal relationship to the isolation of the Alberta prairies. 

Instagram: @gillian_coulton

Frayed Fabric over Oil Paint on Canvas
11.5” x 12.5”

Winter at the Farm
Fabric & Acrylic on Canvas
14” x 10”