Jane Dickson was born and raised in Southern Ontario but recently moved to the prairies of Alberta. She is a self-taught mixed media artist with a passion for intuitive painting. Jane has exhibited her work in galleries, and juried shows such as Pelham Art Festival and Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. She has participated in Art Battle, and been featured in ArtAscent Journal. Her art can be found in private collections throughout North America. When not painting, she writes poetry and delights in photographing the faces she finds in Nature. 

“This method of painting without a plan allows my imagination to run wild, and invites invisible realms to guide my hand. By not censoring what shows up, my paintings can become portals to mystical places that transcend the limitations of ordinary reality. These surreal stories are a joy to create and I hope the viewer is transported, like I am, to worlds that intrigue and delight. I begin each piece by creating an abstract acrylic background. Eventually, as faces appear to me in the shapes and colours, a story unfolds. I develop the narrative using a variety of media including pens, markers, oil pastels, and collage.” 

Instagram: @janedicksonart | Facebook: janedicksonart | Website: www.janedicksonart.com

Flower Power & The Joy of Giving
Acrylic & Markers
20” x 20”

Tune in For the Truth
Acrylic & Markers
12” x 12”