Leia Guo is an interdisciplinary artist who creates work at the intersection of contemporary glass craft and photography. In her practice she incorporates optical glass in the photography darkroom to create unique prints of the Albertan landscape she calls home. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Glass (2022) and a Bachelor of Design in Photography (2023) from the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary, Alberta. Leia has been featured at various national and international exhibitions, including Alberta Craft Council’s “Coming Up Next”, Exposure Photography Festival’s “Emerging Photographer’s Showcase”, and the Glass Art Society’s “International Student Showcase” in Tacoma, Washington. Within her photographs Leia utilizes blown glass plates to create images of fleeting clouds and chinooks, recreating moments in time that only exist within her mind. Impressions left by glass through the analog printing process reflect a desire to recapture lost time and to visualize the homesickness she feels for the places she grew up in. This feeling of “hiraeth” – a longing for a home that is long gone or a home that never truly existed – is embedded in pieces that are both memento and vessel; a part of home and a declaration of belonging to the places that made who made her who she is. Leia’s most recent work utilizes the traditional cyanotype process to continue her exploration into the optical potential of glass in analog photography techniques.

Website: www.leiaguo.com | Instagram: @leia.guo

Coordinates Series
Gelatin Print / Blown Glass
16” x 20”

Lucent #1
Cyanotype / Sandcast Glass
20” x 20”