One-Act Play Festival Shows 2024

Festival Program Coming Soon!

The Pumphouse Theatre and Alberta Drama Festival Association are at it again for the Annual Calgary Region One-Act Play Festival. Over two evenings, from March 21st – 23rd, we are thrilled to be presenting five one-act plays from a diverse array of local artists. From drama to comedy, new work to classics, the One Act Play Festival offers something for everyone. 


Thursday, March 21st

SHOW #1: I Am Not Batman by Marco Ramirez  presented by Third Draft Theatre

SHOW DESCRIPTION: A street kid with a stomach full of grocery store-brand macaroni and cheese fulfills the ultimate Batman fantasy.

 Comedy | 40 min | I Am Not Batman is produced with permission by Playscripts

SHOW #2: In Hot Water by Trish Clark  presented by Ma Teresa Productions

SHOW DESCRIPTIONA decades married couple travel to Macchu Picchu to enjoy a bucket list trip. But their plans are literally ‘rail roaded’ when the only train company goes on strike. With most of the inn keepers, cooks, and townspeople being part of the strike, their local guide Eduardo becomes their link to food, water, and getting out of TOWN.

Drama | Comedy | 30 min | In Hot Water  is produced with permission by the playwright


Friday March 22nd

SHOW #1: A Forgotten Patriot by Alan LeBouef presented by Confederation Theatre Society

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Smedley Butler was an American War hero decorated many times for bravery. After experiencing over 30 years of action and being wounded many times he began to realize the absurdity of war and published a short book titled “War is a Racket”. The play begins on the day of his funeral as his friends recount how Butler may have prevented a fascist takeover in the USA and how it might have impacted Canada. Sadly, this man is largely unknown to most Americans. 

 Drama | 50 min | A Forgotten Patriot is produced with permission by the playwright

SHOW #2: Trooper Brown by Susan Carpenter  presented by BrokeHer Productions

SHOW DESCRIPTIONThe Play follows Nellie’s struggle to reconcile her resurrected grief over her larger- than- life deceased husband as their granddaughter, Rose, and husband, Evan, pack up a lifetime of memories for her move into a nursing home. Nellie is haunted by her past in an Irish orphanage and dreads being warehoused again. She longs to live large and leave suddenly like husband Trooper Brown, idolized by Evan and Rose, rather than being forgotten. But will Nellie’s adventure be a heroic story of a tragedy?

Drama | 15 min | Trooper Brown  is produced with permission by the playwright


Saturday, March 23rd
Sold Out!

SHOW #1: Teach Stede, Jamie  by Greg Miller presented by Grandora Players

SHOW DESCRIPTION: One dark night Jamie ends up somewhere a very long ways away. She meets Stede, who has suspicions. As they learn about each other, one of the fiercest characters in history appears. All have their own hidden truths, revealed in due course, until all is finally clear. Or is it? 

Drama | Comedy  | 45 min | ADVISORY: strong language, gun shots and depiction of drinking | Teach Stede, Jamie is produced with permission by the playwright

SHOW #2: Like and Subscribe  by AJ Pearce  presented by Workshop Theatre Society

SHOW DESCRIPTIONThe Olsen Family have a very successful YouTube channel. Although, as they approach a new record for subscribers, their eldest daughter has decided she no longer wants to create content. This throws the family’s dynamic, and livelihood, into turmoil

Drama | 30 min | Like and Subscribe  is produced with permission by the playwright




Performances are all PG-13 or above, and are not recommended for young children.

Showtimes: 7:30pm Nightly, Victor Mitchell Theatre, Pumphouse Theatre

Tickets: $17 Adult General Admission

To purchase tickets visit 

 If you have questions or concerns, contact or 403.263.0079 ext 100