Pumphouse Renovations

It’s been a while since we did an update on the Pumphouse Theatres.

Although we haven’t been able to welcome many shows and audiences to our building in the last year, we have been busy preparing for something else.

The upcoming year is an exciting one for the Pumphouse Theatre as we will not only be celebrating our 50th anniversary on March 9, 2022, but several long-term projects are finally taking shape.

  • The City of Calgary, funded by the Cultural Municipal Sustainability Initiative, will be investing $2.5 million in critical infrastructure repairs.
      • The Pumphouse will be closed through the end of September for repairs to the roof, mechanical systems, and life-safety systems. This work will continue through the fall, scheduled to minimize impacts on performances while taking advantage of the great weather.
      • Further renovations continue throughout the 2021-2022 season and will be scheduled to minimize impacts on performances. This may include renovations to washrooms, the lobby, and other infrastructure at the end of its lifecycle.
  • The Pumphouse Theatre is leading renovations to repair the classroom that was lost in the 2013 floods, thanks in part with funding from the Calgary Foundation. This room, below the Joyce Doolittle Theatre, will improve our ability to schedule theatre rentals, and provide a space for meetings, play readings and workshops.
  • The Pumphouse, with funding from the Calgary Foundation and the Estate of Joyce Doolittle, is also replacing the risers and theatre chairs in the Joyce Doolittle Theatre for a more comfortable viewing experience in our smaller theatre.

We look forward to having our community back in the building. Please excuse our mess while we are razing the roof at the Pumphouse Theatre! 

For photos of our progress check out our social media!

Statement from the City of Calgary:

The Pumphouse Theatre is a City owned building located at 2140 Pumphouse Avenue S.W. Originally a pumphouse, after 55 years of service, it was shut down in 1968 and in 1972 became a community theatre building. It is a designated historic resource and landmark and the Pumphouse Theatres Society is getting ready to celebrate 50 years as a resident in 2022.

The Pumphouse Theatres Society is a non-profit arts and cultural organization and the operator and tenant of the building.

The Pumphouse Theatres Society offers educational programming for youth, co-produce three annual festivals, an emerging artist art gallery and manage the rental of the two theatre spaces – the Joyce Doolittle Theatre (65 seats) and Victor Mitchell Theaters (315 seats) for a variety of activities.

The building needs lifecycle renovations including roof replacement, washroom upgrades, window replacements and some mechanical system upgrades such as furnace replacement. This work is scheduled to be completed between July and February 2022. The assessment and upgrades are expected to cost $2.5M, funded by the Cultural Municipal Sustainability Initiative.

For information on the renovations – from construction plans to funding, please contact The City of Calgary, Olivia.Rocskar@calgary.ca