Saumyaa is an artist driven by a dedication to creating pieces that embody facets of her own identity. This allows her to impart personal narratives onto the broader canvas of the world. She is inspired from those who surround her and her journey as an immigrant. Born in India, she immigrated to Canada with her family at the age of 13.

From her early years, Saumyaa immersed herself in art classes, cultivating skills across various mediums including printmaking, watercolours, acrylics, and oil painting. Her exploration of diverse mediums has equipped her with the ability to depict her experiences in various ways.

A prevailing passion for art that intimately resonated with her inner self is at the core of her practice. This fuels her drive to weave fragments of her own essence into her creations, allowing these stories to echo through the world and etching her unique mark into it.

Veiled Echoes
Oil, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas
18” x 24”

Folded Memories
Acrylic on Wood
36.4” x 28.7”