Shruti Sharma is 21 years old and currently lives in Calgary. I started drawing when I was little. I took my first art class in middle school, and since I have become more interested in and passionate about art, especially abstract art. In addition, my middle school teacher’s support and positive feedback motivate me to make more artwork. I do abstract style painting because in abstract, there are no restrictions on what colour or design it has to be. In addition, found it fascinating that everyone had a different opinion on what the abstract artworks were conveying. As a result, I prefer to be spontaneous and go with the flow rather than planning her artwork. Moreover, I believe that memories are not only built on people and places but also con the emotions and thoughts we feel at that moment. Thus, is what my paintings showcase using the abstract style. Furthermore, all my artworks are part of me that I wish to convey to the people around me and the world without judgment. In addition, I hope that others can connect with it and express their imagination, emotions, and thoughts, just like my artwork. In addition, I have volunteered at galleries, such as the Contemporary Calgary Art Gallery, and won the Finalist awards in the 3rd Color International Juried Art Competition.

Desert Space
Acrylic on Canvas
16” x 12”

Trapped Soul
Mixed Media on Canvas
16” x 12”