Spring 2021 Homeschool Wellness Surveys

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Please select the appropriate wellness survey and complete it before attending this weeks class.

This survey is to assist in determining the health and well-being of our class participants. Our goal is to minimize the risk of infection to our staff and children. If you have answered YES to any of the survey questions, please DO NOT attend class today. If you have answered NO to all of the below questions, remember to sign in and out and practice hand hygiene (wash hands for 20 seconds, and/or use hand sanitizer) before and after you visit. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Week One – March 3
Week Two – March 10
Week Three – March 17
Week Four  – March 24
Week Five – April 7
Week Six – April 14
Week Seven – April 21
Week Eight – April 28
Week Nine – May 5
Week Ten – May 12
Week Eleven – May 19
Week Twelve – May 25