Alyssia White

Alyssia White is a multi multi-disciplinary artist & writer from the UK currently living and working in Moh-kíns-tsis/Calgary, AB. As a maker at heart, her mediums and processes are mostly guided by necessity and availability – though she recurrently uses prose and found objects as windows onto untold stories. Being heavily influenced by magic realism and metafiction, White’s intent is to create work that is both bizarre and alluring.

Revelations is a series of relief drawings with a focus on the process of exposing. These works combine collage with peeling back the surface of mat-boards to form images suggestive of Metaphysical Art. Here, White specifically uses dated educational tools such as geometry books and children’s encyclopedias to create glimpses of worlds in suspension where the familiar mingles with the unreal.

A Sequestered City
Collage on Archival Mat-Board
25” x 25”

We Sit Under the Same Stars
Collage on Archival Mat-Board
30” x 24”