Pumphouse Theatre Mission

OUR MISSION is to enrich the cultural life of our community through the provision of affordable, accessible, facilities, learning opportunities for youth, and a diversity of programming. We achieve our mission through the following programs: Theatre RentalsDrama Education Program, Pumphouse Theatre Productions, Lobby Art Gallery, and Pumphouse Theatre Playbill.

pts-infographic 2016


We embrace the vision engendered by the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders. That spirit is sustained through the long term working relationships with our local community partners, supporters, clients and patrons.

We strive to offer high-quality education programs and activities to introduce Calgary’s youth to the arts.

We are committed to fiscal responsibility and sustainability which allows us to provide a quality facility, with a unique heritage, in a natural environment as a venue for affordable programming.

We value diversity in our programming to support the growth of local and regional artists and arts organizations.