Pumphouse Theatre Education COVID-19 Policies and Practices


Small Class Sizes
All of our classes for students aged 9 and above will be kept to a 10 person maximum per class. All of our classes for students aged 8 and under will be kept to an 8 person maximum per class.

Social Distancing

During all classes, outdoor activities, and supervised breaks, we will be asking students to maintain a 2m distance between each other. We have adapted all of our indoor and outdoor spaces in order to maintain and assist with social distancing. We have implemented a one-way traffic pathway inside the building, markings every 2m in the theatres, and student only designated washrooms.

Parental Access to Building

As of now, our facility will not be accessible to the general public. We will be asking that only one parent and/or guardian accompany their child inside the facility for drop off and pick up. There will be no waiting in the lobby.

We will require all of our students to have masks while in class. All of our instructors will be masked while they are teaching. All parents and /or guardians entering the building must wear a mask.

Wellness Surveys Health and Sanitation

Before the start of each class, parents will be required to conduct a wellness check of their child. This would include checking for temperature and cough at home and completing a short survey either at home or upon arrival in class.

Stay At Home Policy

Any child who presents with illness will be asked to stay home or will be sent home.

Hand Washing

We will be making hand-washing and hand-sanitizing stations available to all students in group designated washrooms and outside theatre spaces.

Keeping our Space Clean

High touch surfaces, shared equipment, and classroom spaces will be cleaned in between classes, and our staff will be conducting a deep clean over the course of the week.

Emergency Procedure

In the event that a child is feeling unwell or displaying COVID-19 related symptoms, they will be isolated in our designated health room until a parent and/or guardian can come and pick them up. In the event of a confirmed case, parents will be informed and our facility will be closed 72 hours. In order to help prevent this from happening, we strongly encourage all participant households to practice safe and considerate measures outside of camp hours including social distancing, hand washing, and the use of Personal Protective Equipment.

Class Activities and Final Presentations

We will be adapting many of our beloved drama games and activities to meet all of these above standards, so students can be safe and still be creative. Many of our classes include some kind of final presentation. Depending on what that is (a play, a showcase of what they have done, a collection of short scenes) we will film and distribute to family and friends once the class has concluded. We will not be conducted any live performances and will be staying away from activities such as stage make-up and singing.


We will be continuing to follow the recommended guidelines set out for day camps and daycare which you can find here: https://www.alberta.ca/guidance-documents.aspx