I was born in 1980 in Tiraspol, Moldova. When I was a child, I began to show creative ability but was against standards of art education. However, I attended painting classes where I could express myself more freely. At the age of 36, I have already had experience living in four countries (Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Canada) different cultures, travelling around the world. Being a mother of two sons and having stored up plenty of and experience finally, I began my development as an artist. I was eager to art innovation and started to create art objects in my own way. The peculiarity of my style is to use uncommon stuff and recyclable materials. It usually takes quite a lot of time to construct harmonious art objects with the above-mentioned materials to make the audience be surprised, inspired and filled in with energy. My works are based on my own emotions and feelings. The aim of my art is transformation of one’s personality. For the last years, besides creating paintings and pictures, I have taken part and fulfilled myself in different art projects. In addition, when it was necessary I attended private painting classes, illustration and neurography courses, psychological trainings, right-hemisphere painting training, learned symbolism, astrology, human design.

Voice of the Universe
Mixed Media
20” x 28”
$5000.00 CAD

Mr Time
Mixed Media
14” x 39”
$1900.00 CAD