I am Kateryna Pysarenko, a Ukrainian artist born in 1987. I earned my master’s degree in graphic design from Kyiv, Ukraine, and have garnered over a decade of experience as a designer. Throughout my career, I have specialized in crafting prints for clothing and tableware, honing my expertise in visual storytelling and design composition. However, my creative trajectory took a transformative turn in 2017 when I embarked on a journey into the realm of watercolors. In May 2022, I moved to Canada and continue to develop on my path as an artist

As an artist, I explore the influence of the external world on the internal, and vice versa. I feel that the modern world is turbulent and fast-paced; that’s why it seems so important to me to find a comfortable pace for myself. Finding moments of silence, moments when we allow ourselves to be alone with ourselves. Just breathe. Just be. Notice that the surrounding objects are already beautiful enough to become a source of strength. Each piece of art embodies a compassionate story about how, despite the imperfection of the world and ourselves, happiness and balance can be found by everyone. Additionally, recent immigration has enriched my vision, leading to a deeper exploration of my own culture and a deep curiosity about others

Instagram: @kateryna.pysarenko

The Cuckoo’s Whisper
20” x 27”