With an intuitive and soft application of mixed media, Skye creates art rooted in an honest observation and investigation of vulnerability, intimacy, quietness, and fragility. She seeks to reclaim qualities society has tried to convince her are flaws or shortcomings, including shyness, vulnerability, and sensitivity, and her work explores how these qualities can be reconsidered in a positive light and as sources of strength. She is drawn to the interlacing and sometimes contradictory qualities within us, how one can be at once wild and vulnerable, resilient and sensitive, lionhearted and mousy. In exploring these themes, her work appreciates the quiet strength and beauty of sensitive souls, and seeks to make space to recognize and validate them in all their complexity.

Fishbowl Ballet
Mixed Media on Wood
5” x 5”

A Frog that Lives in My Throat
Acrylic & Mixed Media on Wood
10” x 10”

Inner World
Enphemera Paper & Mixed Media on Canvas
9” x 7”