Viviana Pacheco, a self taught Calgary artist, unveils her captivating series of self-portraits. She discovered her passion for art at a young age but only recently rediscovered her talent to become a masterful creator. Pacheco’s self-portrait series delves into the intricate complexities of her identity and emotions, inviting viewers into an intimate exploration of her psyche.

Each self-portrait is a mesmerizing narrative, unveiling a different facet of Pacheco’s inner world. Her brushwork is a dance of emotions, capturing vulnerability, strength, and growth with equal fervor. Through intricate details and bold colour palettes, she weaves a story that transcends the canvas, resonating deeply with those who encounter her work. Pacheco’s artistic journey is marked by a fearless willingness to embrace her imperfections, inviting viewers to confront their own vulnerabilities. Her work challenges societal norms and beauty standards, advocating for self-acceptance and authenticity that leaves a profound impact on the viewer. With each stroke, she not only creates art but also provides a mirror through which we can reflect on our own lives.

Viviana Pacheco’s self-portrait series stands as a testament to the power of art to inspire introspection and connection, solidifying her place professionally in Calgary’s vibrant artistic community.

Website: | Instagram: @vivianapachecofineart | Facebook: @vivianapachecofineart

Mother to Be
Acrylic on Canvas
14” x 28”

Glamour Girl
Acrylic & Silver Leaf on Cavnas
20” x 24”