Love Letter to Calgary

Submissions are now open
The Quenten Doolittle Memorial Gallery Exhibit: A Love Letter to Calgary
September 24th to December 12th, 2020

The Pumphouse Theatre is a vibrant facility with historical significance. It supports and presents all art forms and creates opportunities for engagement, enrichment, cultural experience, learning and inspiration while serving all Calgarians. To enable this, the Quenten Doolittle Memorial Gallery provides accessible wall display space for Calgary and Alberta visual artists to display and sell their work, free from the commission.

Times have been tough, and we want to share the joy, spirit, and resilience of our beloved city. For this exhibit, we are in search of artwork that showcases the City of Calgary at its best – the people, the places, and more. Submissions of any style, from realistic to abstract, and in any visual art medium will be considered, provided it meets all gallery requirements here.