Statement on COVID-19

Dear Patrons of the Pumphouse Theatres,

We at the Pumphouse Theatres are taking monitoring the situation about coronavirus (COVID-19) very closely and are taking extra precautions at this time. Extra attention is being given to our regular cleaning regime and common surfaces are being sanitized with a hospital-grade solution at a more frequent rate.

Currently, the risk of in Alberta is still assessed as low and there are no current plans to make changes to the activities at the facility. The majority of events currently scheduled at the Pumphouse in the next 30 days will be gatherings of under 100 patrons. This meets the current recommended standards of low-risk public gatherings.

At this time, we ask that any patrons exhibiting signs of illness stay home. The health and safety of patrons and staff is always a top priority at the Pumphouse Theatres.

For updates and current information on Coronavirus COVID-19 please visit For updates on the Pumphouse Theatres please visit our social media or our website