Common Ground Festival 7 November 25


This November, we are so pleased to be presenting this with the Pumphouse to bring you seven new acts from the finest emerging artists Alberta has to offer!!!!

Tonight’s presentation has three amazing shows.
Approximate run time 115 minutes with an intermission between each show.

To buy tickets for this day click here, call 403-246-2999 or take your chance at the door!

J.G (a psychedelic juggling experience) by Schuyler Snowdon

November 23 & 25

Genre: Physical Theatre

What is a juggling experience? Nobody really knows what a juggling show is, they can’t picture what a show with just a juggler is going to be. I blame magicians.
Everybody can picture a magic show in one form or another, so jugglers just get called magicians. Which feels vaguely unfair.

This show isn’t going to help the confusion. Picture a dark room with colourful lights, and a surrealist attitude. It’s what happens when a modern dance show, big top circus and 1800s illusion show meet. It lives or dies on its vibes. My whole career has been putting together shows that people like but struggle to describe. You need to come see J.G. A Psychedelic Juggling Experience, because it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

*This production contains the use of black lights and some flickering effects

Love and Barbed Wire by Peter Willis & Nicolas Corbeil

November 23 & 25

Genre: Musical

Love and Barbed Wire is a musical revolving around a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in the early 1960’s. As per their own tradition, they reminisce and celebrate their time together by reading aloud a selection of their letters to one another from when they were newlyweds and then separated by World War One. Love and Barbed Wire honours the dedication and sacrifices made by so many during this time, and the capacity for change and gratitude within us all.

Riverona Episode 2: Yonder Window Breaks by Full Circle Theatre

November 22 & 25

Genre: Parody

The drama never dies with episode 2 of Riverona, a teen drama retelling of Romeo & Juliet. As the star-crossed lovers make their plans to be together, the rest of the youths battle to save their favourite cool teen hangout from imminent eviction. Forget the plotlines from the previous episode, because these teens are in love and nothing can stand in their way!